Torico Ice Cream Still Has Pulse

Torico Ice cream on Erie Street

We’d all but given up on Torico Ice Cream ever returning to the corner space on Erie and 1st Street. The renovation project of the beloved ice cream parlor began in October of 2010. Many hoped to see Torico reopen by the summer of 2011 and indeed handwritten signs promised just that begin in May. Updated signs in July promised an opening in August, and then another in September. When the first year anniversary of the renovation project passed, we had all but given up hope.

Shop on Grove Street

We’ve been working on a handy little Grove Street area shopping guide, sort of like a mall directory, but without all the insipid elevator music or build-a-bear workshops. Not only does Grove Street have some great restaurants, but a number of unique and independent retailers worth patronizing. We’re still working on adding a few previously […]

Excitement Builds as Another Convenience Store is Set to Open on Newark Avenue

Newark Avenue, the long beleaguered shopping district in the downtown, is getting a new store: a convenience store. TwentyFour 7 is replacing Gas, a men’s boutique store that had a shelf life of about three weeks. Don’t tell 7-Eleven corporate though, because the store’s signage looks remarkably similar. Across the street, adjacent to the former […]

Doggie Daycare Coming to Waldo Lofts

One of the long vacant retail spaces in the base of the Waldo Lofts on Second Street is finally filling up. K9dergarten, a dog day care and boarding facility is setting up shop offering the usual in puppy pampering for absentee moms and dads.

Bodega Takes Up Former Pharmacy Location

Hamilton Park’s Newport Pharmacy moved across the street earlier this year into the new Hamilton Square development. A new bodega is replacing the vacated space on 9th and Erie Streets.

Toy Store Replacing Bookstore

Jack’s Toys and Games appears to be replacing the recently closed Imagine Atrium, a semi-literate bookstore and gift store that closed earlier this year. The Jersey Avenue location is between Columbus Drive and Newark Avenue.

Failed Housewares Store Replaced With New Housewares Store

Kannibal Home, a fancy housewares merchant, has replaced On The Inside, a similar store that closed a few months back. The Montgomery Street shop is tiny, but filled with both home goods and women’s apparel. Below, the former shop on the site, On the Inside:

Grove Street Bicycle Shop Opens

A new bicycle shop opened on Grove Street at First Street. The store is stuffed with bicycles and accessories.

Tasti D-Lite Really Coming

Tasti D-Lite really is coming to the base of Grove Pointe. The storefront on Marin Blvd will join Duane Reade, Starbucks, Valley National Bank, and an organic dry cleaners. Three other retail locations are still available. For now, the northeast corner space houses three art pieces constructed of Lego bricks.

Retail Closings

The weakening economy is not helping the downtown’s beleaguered retail district. Imagine Atrium, the bookstore – gift shop is more or less finished. Rumors on JCList point out that home decor shop On The Inside, pictured above, is closing as well as Maxmillian, a children’s clothing boutique.

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