Oompa Loompa Rumors

By on Monday, February 13th, 2012 at 10:42 pm

Jersey City Wine and Spirits on Jersey Avenue had a hand written note emphatically declaring, “No Snookie.” Picky your sides, local businesses.

Abbey’s Pub and Marco and Pepe have supposedly granted permission to film, though we’ve also heard the opposite about M&P.

Rumors have it that Snookie and Jwoww will hold jobs at neighborhood bar PJ Ryans. Seems an odd choice given that the former Barrow Street Bar was recently renovated. However, even if this rumor proves true, the Jersey Shore spinoff won’t be the first reality show filmed in this bar. An episode of One Week to Save Your Marriage was filmed in 2006 (And as a side note, I personally encountered husband Bill, and can assure you, he was the biggest obstacle to happiness in his marriage).

Filming might start as early as Wednesday, but the ambiguously human duo were also seen at the Grammy’s Sunday.

The shoot requires four Jersey City Police to accompany Snookie and Jwoww at all times. Jersey Cityians take caution though, as police in Seaside used their authority to issue summonses to bystanders (air quotes) interfering with filming. Of course, Sleazeside cops are notorious for issuing bogus tickets and that sort of thing would never happen in Jersey City.



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