24-Hour PATH Service Restored Tonight

The Port Authority released a statement saying 24 hour PATH service would be restored as of Wednesday, January 9, 2013. With the exception of New Year’s service, all night service has been suspended since Hurricane Sandy.

Columbus Drive Milling Begins

The long awaited repaving of Columbus Drive is finally underway. The east bound lanes were milled this morning. Once the asphalt is removed, the rough road will be left exposed for about two weeks while utility work is completed and manhole covers adjusted. Then the street will be repaved. The simple repaving project has been […]

Bus Strikes Car at Hoboken Terminal

Around 9AM a NJ Transit bus struck a car just outside of the Hoboken Terminal.

PATH Police Invent New Laws, Cuff Man for Sealed, Bagged Wine

Gothamist reports a man was handcuffed for possessing unopened and bagged bottles of wine he intended for a dinner party. While ultimately he was ticketed for trespassing, not the bottles of wine, the Port Authority Police apparently now have the authority to invent regulations all on their own.

The Graphic Guide to Riding the PATH

Comic book artist blog The Glass Urchin has put together a visual Guide to Riding the PATH, just in case words are too difficult to understand.

PATH Crushed by Holiday Traffic

The Port Authority was, as expected, ill equipped to handle holiday crowds Sunday night. A crush of passengers at 33rd Street were corralled by transit police causing lines to form back to the Manhattan Mall and up stairs at the Herald Square entrance. Large crowds at other stations fought for position to board crowded cars. […]

Tomorrow Is Park(ing) Day

Tomorrow is the not-yet- getting-you-out- of-work- holiday, Park(ing) Day where intrepid urbanites turn a parking space into a bit of park space. Jersey City is getting its own 120 square feet of heaven tomorrow at Newark Avenue and Baldwin. The Jersey City Independent has a bit on all that or read more at ParkingDayNYC.com.

Angry PATH Riders Launch Survey, Shake Angry Fists

PATHSux.com has launched a survey gathering feedback from riders, and promising to post the monthly results. Survey says: 100% of PATH Riders who create websites about the PATH have a complaint.

The Columbus Highway in Pictures

While the city maintains that the Columbus expansion project is nothing more than a “streetscape improvement”, the project requires removing existing curb extensions to make way for the minimum 9 foot wide travel lanes being added. What this means, explained in pictures: Monmouth Street and Columbus Drive Removing the curb extension at Monmouth street to […]

City Plans Highway Through Downtown

Residents hoping for a freshly paved Columbus Drive may be dismayed to learn they will soon be losing a valuable parking as the city prepares to expand the roadway into a five lane highway. The city intends to realign Columbus Drive with six lanes of traffic; during rush hour, parking would be prohibited on one […]

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