Cast Iron Lofts Push Redevelopment North

By on Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 8:17 am

The 20 story Cast Iron Lofts on the north end of Jersey City has rapidly transformed the skyline in a once vacant section of the downtown.

The tower, located at the corner of Jersey Avenue and 18th Street is a stone’s throw from the Hoboken border.

The 155 unit tower also includes 175 parking spaces in the large base; the top of the deck will include a garden.

The ground floor includes massive windows for potential retail. The base is raised “to resemble the Tribeca warehouses” says the architect’s site.

Built to the lot line, the southern side of the tower has no windows. A future project next door could potentially be as tall.

Like many projects downtown, Cast Iron Lofts include a large parking base. Perhaps located this far outside the downtown, car parking is a necessary amenity.

Glass has been installed on the lower floors.

The tower is very much on its own in the northern end of the downtown.



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