Barcade Officially to Open Friday

By on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 at 8:43 am

The much anticipated Jersey City Barcade is set to open on Friday after two nights of invite only previews. The original Barcade opened in Brooklyn in 2004 near what was then the edge of rapidly gentrifying Williamsburg. Since then, Barcade has become a staple attracting hipsters and Manhattanites alike.

The Jersey City Barcade took over a corner retail space on Newark Avenue and Barrow Street after Washington Mutual and Chase Bank merged and closed the Washington Mutual branch. The space underwent extensive renovations leading to a lengthy process of inspections — a process that helped saddle former nearby businesses Ox and Atomic Wings with crushing debt.

The Jersey City Barcade is one of two expansions, the other set to open in Philadelphia.

Featuring retro arcade games and craft beers, Barcade will likely draw drinkers from outside Jersey City, especially for special occasions. Unlike with the arrival of Zeppelin Hall which has attracted the very worst of the Hoboken crowd, Barcade is more likely to become a tent pole business propping up all of the Newark Avenue area bars with far fewer steroid powered meatheads and many more hipsters, nerds, and craft beer aficionados.

For the all too eager, check out JCI’s photo preview or another over at Gothamist.



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