Final Traces of Jersey City Erased from Newport

By on Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 4:33 pm

Newport Associates have won another battle to erase historical connections to Jersey City with the renaming of the Pavoina/Newport PATH station to simply “Newport.” The rebranding of the Pavonia station was announced several months ago, but it all seemed merely lip service until the installation of new signs at the Pavonia/Newport station. Human PATH conductors generally still say Pavonia-Newport.

The station was originally named Erie, after the Erie Railroad, explaining the station columns adorned with the letter “E,” before eventually being renamed after the street adjacent to the station, Pavonia Avenue. Pavonia then became Pavonia/Newport as Newport Associates began redeveloping the waterfront properties. The redevelopment divided Pavonia Avenue, and the Lefraks never seemed quite satisfied with a piece of Jersey City squarely in the middle of the their development eventually lobbying the city to rename Pavonia Avenue to the much more suburban strip mall sounding “Town Square Place.”



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