225 Grand Street to Start Leasing Next Month

By on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 at 5:46 am

The 348 unit building on the corner of Grand Street and Marin Blvd should begin leasing in April.

Applied Development is building the tower and has plans for a second, 500 unit residential building also on Marin Blvd. The second tower is planned for property opposite the light rail station, on the other side of the Gulls Cove tower. 225 Grand Street now has a website, though it provides little more than a place to sign up for information.

Along Grand Street, flower beds and new trees have been planted. When construction began, decades old trees along Grand Street were unceremoniously slaughtered to make way for the heavy equipment.

The property has an uncharacteristically deep set back from the curb.

A new street is being created connecting Grand Street to the interiors of the Liberty Harbor development area.

Gulls Cove looms behind the new tower.

Looking east down Grand Street, the low rise and high rise elements appear as two different buildings.

The corners where the two segments meet.

Along Marin Blvd, the tower seems particularly tall as there are no set backs.



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