Newport Skyline

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The Newport Skyline at night

The Newport skyline glows at night from the Hoboken Terminal.

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway connects Hoboken and Jersey City at Newport, LeFrak’s mega development along the Jersey City waterfront.

On the far left is the Ellipse, rental tower designed by Arquitectonica. The Aquablu and Laguna towers are visible in the middle. Aquablu can be seen below in this picture from 2008 when the tower was under construction.

In this photo, the Shore Club condo towers are visible — although today they are largely obscured by the new construction. The obstruction of views is one reason Shore Club buyers were able to win a $4m judgment against the developer.

The Acquablu under construction in Newport, Jersey City

Aquablu was originally planned as a 12-story building but ended up a 32-story building.

The plot of land for Aquablue sits next to a small piece of property owned by the Port Authority. The vent for the Holland Tunnel sticks up into the air, and the Port Authority controls a small strip of the waterfront walkway. Today, walking along the waterfront, the property lines are more obvious. The Newport walkway is newer, slightly more elevated, and generally maintained better.

pilings for Aquablu tower when it was original just Aqua

In the above photo, pilings for Aquablu are being driven into the ground in front of the then under construction Shore Club.

The photo illustrated how much Newport has developed in the last 13 years. Beyond the pilings is vacant land all the way to the Hoboken border. Visible in the far distance is a red brick building. That building is located in Hoboken — the 77 Park Avenue Apartments — just on the north side of Observer Highway.

In addition to large park, the vacant land visible here has the Laguna and the Beach, with another set of towers planned north of that on the Jersey City side of the canal.



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