Firehouse Architecture Classier Than Jersey Shore Cast

By on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 7:26 pm

Snookie and Jwoww will be residing in this former firehouse in downtown Jersey City for the filming of a Jersey Shore spin off

The world’s most famous Oompa Loompa and her scraggily sidekick, Bowwow, were granted filming permits for their Jersey Shore spinoff yesterday. While Hoboken turned down MTV and the promise of yet another tourist inducing reality series, Mayor Healy was all too eager, even offering to go drinking with the girls (we suspect he could drink them under the table).

Jersey City Independent confirmed the ambiguously human duo Snookie and Jwoww would be residing in a converted downtown firehouse (seen above) on quiet Mercer Street. We doubt any neighbors will be offering bunt cakes to the cast of the Jersey Shore spinoff, but if the goal is putting the orange little dwarf in awkward situations, we suggest she and Jwoww hit up a Van Vorst Park Historic Association meeting.

But we took this as an opportunity to highlight some of the historic firehouse architecture in Jersey City.

Morgan Street

Morgan Street apartment, former firehouse

This residence on Morgan Street is perhaps one of the most stunning converted firehouses. The double doors meant this is larger than most and the copper trim offers a somewhat unique detail.

Sixth Street

6th street firehouse apartment

Between Jersey Avenue and Coles Street, this converted firehouse overlooks the Sixth Street embankment.

Bright Street

Bright Street firehouse

The Bright Street firehouse (near Grove), had spent a number of years rotting but recently has been undergoing renovations (below).

Bright Street firehouse under renovation

Bay Street

Bay Street firehouse

This Bay Street firehouse still functions housing a real live fire truck inside.

Grand Street

Grand Street firehouse

On the corner of Grand and Van Vorst Street, this is another functional firehouse.

Washington Street, Hoboken

Hoboken firehouse

The one place Snookie and Co. won’t be showing up is this functional Hoboken firehouse on the north end of town.



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