Old Manischewitz Factory Prepped For New Towers

Just in time for Passover, Jersey City’s former matzo baking Manischewitz factory is finally meeting the demolition man.

The Jersey City facility closed in 2007 just after Passover, consolidating operations in Newark (and causing a Tam Tam shortage). The site was then sold to the Toll Brothers along with the former Provost Square development.

Toll Brothers wanted to build towers taller than allowed in the Powerhouse Arts District and eliminate many of the historic components of the site. A deal with the city was brokered where they could build three towers topping off at 38 stories, but would preserve the historic warehouse on the eastern end of the site. They would also construct a theater and public plaza.

Likely renderings of the rather uninspired towers are available at SLCE Architects, the firm responsible for many of the generic towers across Hudson County and New York City.

Above, the site from Morgan Street looking across towards Marin Blvd.

Above, looking across the site towards Stueben Street. Eventually the towers at 70 and 90 Columbus will be on the other side of the lot as well.

The 1932 warehouse on the property will be preserved as part of the new development project.

The old low rise component partly razed.

The factory when matzah was still made in downtown Jersey City.

  • John

    I’ve seen a LOT worse.I’ve looked at their site….a few uninspiring buildings,sure….but far more interesting overall than you give them credit for.The MOMA tower alone is a tremendous building,and the Provost Square development while nowhere in that class absolutely elevates the area and is far more than merely functional architecture.I originally HATED it given the hysterical yappings of the critics,and thinking about Toll Brother’s rather hideous 700 Grove,and their reputation for less than appealing architectual style.Yet the two towers I saw were a very respectable,if not particularly daring vision.A hell of a lot better than the ghost town aspect of that area right now.I gather the third one on the site of the original proposed “The Hudson” won’t be built until the first two are completed,right next store?

  • John

    Crystal Pointe,the Monaco….both projects were hugely disappointing.Don’t hate Trump as much as others,it’sĀ upper levelĀ setbacks and roof do enhance it,though it’s parking base is pretty damn atrocious..and especially having the vents seen on Washington Boulevard,yeesh!You put the entrance on Washington Boulevard,not on the sidestreet!Love 77 Hudson and 70 Greene,though hate the base.Goldman Sachs building is not a typical box,even has it’s own bad guy helmet on top!101 Hudson is pretty stylish,looks beautiful lit up at night….Newport so far has,Aquablu is very nice,like the geometric topping.Nothing outstanding yet,Shore Club is okay but light years better than the horrid,soulless Towers of America or the spartan earlier work that well was at least functional.Marbella is rather ordinary,not exactly looking forward to Rather Ordinary II.

    I really was expecting to LOATHE everything about the Toll Brothers Provost Square project but looking more at it,unless you’re dead set against ANYTHING but a bohemian charming little loft it’s actually rather nice.There’s the hint of the manufacturing past on the base and it looks more like a grander concept “A” than a typical Toll Brothers visionless mess.It’s certainly NOT the worst concept ever seen….I’m dying to know for example what they’re goiung to do on Marin Boulevard on that one block area of the Embankment Hyman got permission to build those two towers(and I saw in another forum where Ian thinks it’s a TERRIBLE idea),a “fail” as he saw it!;)

    I just want to see the new rash of projects proposed and those about to be started actually come to pass and give a lot of fun arguments back and forth as to how this city’s development is going.

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