French Onion Soup Dumplings

The French Onion Soup Dumplings at Hamilton Inn in downtown Jersey City

All The Things I Eat visits the The Hamilton and eats French Onion Soup Dumplings.

Hamilton Park: Remediation vs. Capping

During the renovations of Hamilton Park, soil samples revealed lead and other contaminants in parts of the park. Before renovations are completed, the contaminants need to either be capped under a protective layer of clean soil or entirely removed. The Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association is holding a meeting tonight to discuss the issue. Capping is […]

Bodega Takes Up Former Pharmacy Location

Hamilton Park’s Newport Pharmacy moved across the street earlier this year into the new Hamilton Square development. A new bodega is replacing the vacated space on 9th and Erie Streets.

Hamilton Park Renovations

The Hamilton Park renovations continue to progress. Seen above is the landing port for flying saucers. Actually though, that labyrinthine pile of concrete should eventually become a community garden. The Park plans are available here (PDF).

Hamilton Park Renovations

The Hamilton Park renovation has been ongoing for a few months now. Mostly the project has been working on an irrigation system so far, including around the perimeter sidewalks. Unfortunately, a few sample tests of soil have found lead contamination, and the remainder of the park will now need to be tested. A temporary playground […]

Newport Pharmacy Moving Across the Street, Still Not in Newport

Newport Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy on the corner of 9th and Erie, is moving to 9th and Erie. The pharmacy is crossing the street into a corner space in the Hamilton Square development. Exeter Properties has said they prefer independent local businesses to fill their retail spaces.

Park Renovation Slaying Trees

Renovations have begun at Hamilton Park, just in time to close it for summer. Construction crews have slashed a half dozen large trees with 18 inch diameters, casualties of low bid contracts. The renovated park will include an expanded playground, two dog runs, and renovated ball courts. In addition, the historic pathways will be reinstalled […]

The Embattled Embankment

Sixth Street Embankment file photo The Sixth Street Embankment, a target of preservationists and developers alike has had some problems in recent weeks. Yesterday chunks of the stone wall began falling from the section west of Erie Street. The fire department cordoned off the corner to protect pedestrians. Several weeks earlier the embankment, the section […]

Retail Happenings

Duane Reade Now HiringThe long awaited Duane Reade planned for retail space in the Grove Pointe apartment tower may soon be opening its doors. The retail space along Newark Avenue, just west of the condominium entrance, is now donning the tell tale “Duane Reade Red” trim on interior walls and columns. And of course, there […]

Hamilton Square "Selling Well"

Hamilton Square, the redevelopment of the old Saint Francis Hospital adjacent to Hamilton Park is “selling well” according to a press release from Exeter Property, the developer, with twenty percent of units sold. The most interesting bit of information though is that the 28,000 square feet of retail space is nearly leased out. While specific […]

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