Crescent Court

By on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 at 7:00 am

Crescent Court, the low rise, block wide residential complex under construction in the western fringe of the downtown is rapidly nearing completion. The complex hides the parking garage buried behind the building. The structure does stand out in the neighborhood; unlike other historic neighborhoods in the downtown, the Village (or Italian Village) lacks the symmetric rows of brownstones, giving the other buildings a distinctly isolated feel that exacerbates the magnitude of the large structure.

A project of this size though may very well anchor a new wave of gentrification on the western segment of Newark Avenue. The Village itself has not eluded gentrification entirely, but the process has been slower than other downtown blocks with many houses still donning mid-century aluminum siding. There is no doubt that Crescent Court will change the Village after completion.

The colored segments of the building also match the Turnpike overpass



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