Crystal Point

By on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 5:18 am

Crystal Point, the luxury residential tower on the tip of Second Street is nearing completion of its exterior work. When the tower was originally planned, the asking price was one of the highest in downtown Jersey City; the assurance of unobstructed views more or less in perpetuity had helped bolster the building’s prospects. Two sides of the tower abut the Hudson River.

More exciting for the average Jersey City resident is the eventual reopening of the Hudson River Walkway. Since the developer somehow convinced the city to allow them to shut off access to the Second Street cul-de-sac, the walkway has been truncated by twice the distance necessary, since pedestrians walking north must go around the south side of Harborside Plaza 10. The construction provides a major interruption to the walkway, which was recently extended to connect Hoboken and Jersey City segments in the north.

Above, the close segment of walkway around the construction site. Because Second Street is closed for the construction, pedestrians must walk all the way around Haborside Plaza 10 to avoid the detour.

In June, the New York Times reported that a quarter of the 289 units had been sold. The project received an amended abatement from the city this summer, and the Jersey Journal revealed the developer had made $7,500 in contributions to Mayor Healy’s $3 million campaign war chest.



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