Fireworks, and more Fireworks

By on Saturday, July 4th, 2009 at 8:07 am

Tonight there will be two major fireworks displays in the area. Macy’s is shooting off fireworks in the Hudson this year, and not the East River. Jersey City is again shooting of fireworks from Liberty State Park.

The Macy’s Fireworks go off at 9pm, and the best viewing areas will be from Hoboken and North. Jersey City’s shoreline will be a little too far south for the best views.

The Jersey City fireworks will be sent off at 9:15 from Liberty State Park, accessible by light rail. As usual, viewers in the downtown along the canal will likely see most, though not all of these fireworks.

Road closures begin at 6PM. Road closures in Jersey City will begin as early as 6, afterward, only residents with valid residential ID’s will be allowed to drive East of Marin Blvd or South of Montgomery Street, so be sure to have your proof of residency, and tell your friends to arrive before then. Traffic on the Fourth is always pretty bad, but with the Macy’s display on the Hudson this year, expect additional travel problems. Mass transit works best, or walking.



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