Connected Waterfront Park Plan Revealed

By on Thursday, March 26th, 2009 at 6:00 am

The dream of a single contiguous waterfront walkway is a little closer to fulfillment with an ambitious plan to connect Veteran’s Park and the Morris Canal Park over the Morris Canal. The plan bi-passes a small stretch of land where developers did not construct the waterfront park.

Veteran’s Park, pictured above, is home to the famous Colgate Clock and sits beside the Goldman Sachs tower. The Morris Canal Park is part of Liberty State Park and extends east into the Hudson River from Washington Street. These two parks would be connected by an ambitious plan created by the Jersey City Waterfront Parks Conservancy.

Goldman Sachs provided funds to the city to redevelop Veteran’s Park. So far that park remains a pile of rubble and weeds. For the past several years residents have been working to rehabilitate the land and complete the section of waterfront walkway.

The Hudson Reporter has a bit more, and the park merited a mention on Curbed



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