Trump Launches Radio Campaign

By on Thursday, September 4th, 2008 at 4:58 am

Donald Trump is personally urging prospective home buyers to consider Trump Plaza, Jersey City, in a new radio advertising campaign that probably indicates sales are slow, or as rumors put it, non-existent. The first tower opened earlier this year and the word on the street is the place is a ghost town. The second tower is indefinitely delayed.

Trump’s Jersey City property has been dealt a double blow in the last year. Not only are buyers more scarce, but development of the neighborhood itself has come to a halt. The tower overlooks 111 First Street, a site that a year ago was scheduled to become the Rem Koolhaas “vertical city.” Instead, the lot has become a staging site for construction of another tower, 110 First Street, also delayed due to a financing problem. All in all, that leaves Trump’s current residents feeling a little lonely and short on retail options.



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