Condos Approved for St. Boniface

By on Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 at 7:01 am

Saint Boniface in downtown Jersey City is set to become condominiums

Saint Boniface, formerly a Catholic church, will be converted into 14 apartments, as noted by Jersey City Reader. The historic preservation commission has granted approval for the conversion, a necessary step in the protected neighborhood.

A total of 21 units will be built on the property, including 3 in the rectory, and four more in a lot on second Street. All the units will share a common courtyard.

The church is on First Street between Jersey Avenue and Erie Street.

The rear of the church is attached to parking lot that connects to Second Street. The lot will be removed and a new building erected. Some residents are concerned that the neighborhood will be short on parking, but apartments make better neighbors than parking lots or garages.

Another angle of the parking lot

The historic preservation commission was concerned about the loss of the stained glass windows, though vandals and time have already done their part

The rectory building adjacent to the church will also be converted to apartments



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