Embankment Development Plan Includes Wild Tower

By on Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 9:40 am

Hoboken architectural firm Dean Marchetto Associates has posted online plans for the Sixth Street Embankment. While the developer Steve Hyman and local activists work out their issues in court, the rest of us can ponder just what exactly is intended here.

The strange plans call for housing to be built on top the embankment, but also include a wide area of park land along the the span of the embankment, including bridges over each section. Cars would be stored underneath the embankment, with the exterior preserved, minus a few holes for the cars to get in and out.

The plan though is not just limited to the Sixth Street embankment though. In addition, the master plan calls for converting the Metro Plaza shopping center into an “embedded big box mix use area.” Someone needs to tell Dean Marchetto that “big box” and “mix use” are incompatible terms.

But that’s not all. The plan also calls for a new signature tower to be built on the end of the pier at Sixth Street. The sail shaped building is depicted as standing twice the height of the existing Newport Center VII.

Finally, plan also calls for some form of redevelopment west of the turnpike at the far end of the Embankment, perhaps roughly corresponding to the location Hyman was looking to have rezoned in exchange for handing over the embankment to the city. Either way, this plan doesn’t look like its happening anytime soon.



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