Port Authority Cheats PATH Riders, Again

By on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 at 5:42 am

Once again, the Port Authority has scaled back plans for the Calatrava designed World Trade Center PATH station, once promised as a grand entry point to lower Manhattan. The Times says the new plans will cut corners on the interior spaces, relying more on the temporary station’s internal spaces and tracks while using cheaper columns instead of creating broad, open spaces.

Meanwhile, the exterior aesthetics will remain, so claims the Port Authority. Maybe. Twice already, Calatrava’s design has been altered, once for security, and the second time for cost, not that much of that matters now anyway. What remains of the Calatrava station is a veneer, the awe inspiring interiors gutted by mismanagement.

At least the Port Authority has money to pay for guys with machine guys to shakedown grandmothers smuggling firecrackers.



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