35 Story Rental Tower Approved for 110 First

By on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 at 7:11 am

Wired Forum member KLJC has an excellent write up concerning the approved 110 First Street. The site of a former warehouse was restricted in total height, units, and floor area in a settlement agreement between the city and New Gold Equities, the developer responsible for demolishing buildings at 110 and 111 First Street.

The development is the first to go before the board seeking amendments in the Powerhouse District since the city approved the Toll Brother’s towers for the area. Though the city approved the project, there were limits. The height and floor areas are to remain, though the total number of units has been increased, meaning many smaller units. The total height of the building will be 35 stories, two higher than the neighboring Athena tower.

The tower will contain a restaurant and gallery spaces, but will also have an unfortunate 9 story parking deck.

Earlier reports of preparation work on the site were actually test pilings. However, the eagerness displayed at the planning board meeting would seem to indicate the developer is looking to move full steam ahead on the project.



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