2007 Ground Breaking Predictions

By on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007 at 7:52 am

There are plenty of construction projects coming to the downtown in 2007, and what better time to sum up what to expect. As usual, we put together a map, and below we have details:

1. The Majestic II
From the folks who brought us The Majestic condominiums, the Majestic II promises a similarly integrated apartment / condo project for the opposite corner. Right now the lot is an empty church an abandoned store front across from city hall. The developers have been around Jersey City a while and probably know how to fast track things when they want, so we suspect this building could be well underway by next year. Read More

2. Columbus Corner
Another mid-size development on the outskirts of the Van Vorst Historic District, this project could mean the beginning of a renewal on Columbus Drive. The concept involves ripping up a bit of parking lot and integrating an older tower, a Victorian house, and a brownstone into a larger complex spanning Barrow between Wayne and Columbus. The project is probably a good way of cleaning up the blighted parking lots, but the last we heard the developer was sent back to the drawing boards to make a few minor corrections in terms of size and height. We’re hoping though to see this take off soon. Read More

3. Gulls Cove II
With the mammoth Gulls Cove I topping out at its final height, we’re expecting that the small Gulls Cove II will soon find its pilings driven into the ground. Located ont he corner of Marin and Grand Streets, this lot is a block from Marin Blvd Light rail station, and in essence connect the northeastern end of Liberty Harbor with the rest of the city.

4. Metropolis Towers
So far the old low-rise structures have been torn apart and a slab foundation laid for part of a new structure everyone seems to think is a parking garage. The next step will probably be two twenty-something story towers along Columbus. With Columbus Tower and Grove Pointe nearing completion, the corner of Marin and Columbus are set to become the new downtown hotspot and we can’t imagine the owners of Metropolis Tower property won’t want to cash in. Read More

5. 217 Newark Avenue
A large empty lot situated on Newark Avenue, 217-219 Newark is a lot that has been listed on the internet for sale. Included in the sale are plans for a few dozen residential units. Any redevelopment of Newark Avenue will certainly require building something on this lot as the vacancy isolates the eastern and western sections of the avenue from pedestrian traffic. Its fairly unlikely that this project is going to take off in 2007, but nothing like a little wishful thinking.

6. 361 Newark Avenue
A few months back this was an old bagel hut. Then after a quick demolition and pilings driven into the ground, work on the site mysteriously ceased. The developer apparently decided to go from six stories to twelve. It seems likely that construction on the new twelve story mini-tower will resume in 2007.

7. Morgan Point
This project pops up now and again; some sources will list the project as approved while others as under construction. Still there are those who seem to indicate this building is going nowhere. In essence its a ten or twelve story building set on the oddly shaped corner of Stueben and Morgan Streets at the intersection of Marin. There is the potential with this lot for Jersey City to have its own Flatiron-sque building. The development is also just outside the boundaries of the Powerhouse Arts District, but we’re under the impression the original idea for this building was to actually meet the PAD requirements. Read more at JCVibe.com

8. Aqua
Another announced rental tower in the next phase of Newport. The Aqua consists of a mid-rise base along River Drive and the Hudson River. This will probably do a great job of blocking views in the soon to be completed condominium project The Shore Club, which of course is why its a rental. Expect a somewhat more glass filled tower similar to the Shore Club rather than the boxy concrete slabs that make up the rest of Newport. Read more at The Hudson Reporter
Newport Expansion Map

9. The Ellipse
Technically, the Ellipse will be built on a pier (not shown on map). The Miami-style tower offers a unique addition to the Newport Skyline. The oval shaped building is largely glass and will sit just north of the Aqua and the Shore Club. Both the Aqua and the Ellipse as well as the glass encased Shore Club are a departure from the traditional brick and concrete boxes of the older Newport buildings.
Newport Expansion Map

10 & 11. Grover Cleveland and Ulysses S. Grant
Two more mid-rise towers on Tenth Avenue. These two buildings are similar to the Roosevelt and the Lincoln, two other generic brick mid-rise buildings along Tenth Street. However, the site of the Cleveland and the Grant include the Eleventh Street embankment, which the buildings might be built over, not in place of. Also, recent community opposition has for now slowed plans to break ground. We suspect though that one or both of these will be under construction before the end of next year. Read More at 25mc Blog

12. The Metropolitan
Say good-bye to Pep Boys and hello to the second tallest tower in New Jersey. The Metropolitan is a glassy bit of architectural sculpture that will bring 800 or so residential units to the Metro Plaza shopping center. Its the first phase of many that will eventually replace the strip mall containing BJ’s warehouse and Shoprite and Bed Bath and Beyond with more towers. The Metropolitan also catches the eye because it will fall just short of passing the Goldman Sachs tower as the tallest in the state– we have to wonder if the final height will actually be taller. But in either case, everything seems to be a green light for construction in begin in the spring.

13. & 14. San Remo & Monaco
Urban infill along Washington Blvd, renderings for these buildings include three towers. The southern tower will be a single structure about the height of the existing Marbella Tower. The other will be a taller set of dual towers on the north end of the lot. Between the buildings, the existing Double Tree Hotel. These three buildings have been announced, though are yet to receive the final go ahead. Its possible that ground will be broken this year, though we aren’t holding our breath, especially since the Aqua and the Ellipse are almost certainly breaking ground first.

15. Harborside 4
The first half of this building– mostly a parking garage— has already been completed. The tower though that is intended to sit along Columbus Drive may or may not be going up anytime soon. The commercial office space market has seen better days, and that was before the millions of square feet of new space was announced at ground zero. We’ll say this one could happen, but we aren’t holding our breath.

16. Second Street
Located on the very tip of Second Street and surrounded by the Hudson River on two sides, this small lot next to the Mandalay tower is set to take off. Financing was secured a few weeks back and the approvals were received this summer. Its likely this project will be break ground as early as the Spring.

17. Manischewitz Site
The last of the matzo has been made and the factory is closing up shop. The Toll Brothers own the development rights, and there has been some debate on JCList as to whether the site is zoned for 10 stories or more than 20. The site is also half in and half out of the PAD, not that the PAD really has any standing any more anyway. Toll Brothers might very well find a way to break ground on the building before the year’s end, especially considering how expensive the property was.

18. Van Leer Chocolate Factory
A large scale redevelopment of the former factory site should get started this year. There are two phases to the project that will bring 900 units to the area. Recent utility work along Hoboken Avenue and frequent spotting of surveyors might indicate work is about to begin. Or maybe not.

20. Belfuse
A mid-rise tower on the northwest border of Paulus hook, replacing the old Belfuse industrial plant. Read more at JCVibe.com



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