Grocery Store Wars: The Phantom Stop & Shop

By on Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 at 1:34 pm

A few months back we took note of the abysmal state of local grocery stores. Since then we’ve been doing most of our grocery shopping in Edgewater or in suburban supermarkets [and we keep meaning to place a Fresh Direct order…]

Last year, one entrant in the Grocery Store Wars was the proposed uber Stop and Shop in Jersey City Heights. It seems the mythical Super Stop and Shop is attempting to strike back with a public relations campaign aimed at winning over political support.

At issue is the size and scale of the new development with several local activists claiming the new store will bring traffic, noise and all sorts of other things that a reasonable city already has too much of. The Stop and Shop promotional site has some renderings of the proposed store.

It seems, as far as we’re concerned, that they’ve done as best a job as could be expected to mitigate the effects of building a major grocery store in the middle of an urban area. The proposed facades take into account the local streetscape, parking is disguised and the store at least appears to acknowledge its urban setting.

Additionally, a new modern grocery store in the Heights should hopefully, profoundly effect the quality of grocery stores throughout Jersey City; assuming service, quality, and product selection meets expectations, downtown grocery stores will be forced to clean themselves up to compete. We’ll say a its about time for a new grocery store, though we’re still hoping for a Whole Foods.



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