Deli, Not Grocery For Paulus Hook

Paulus Hook residents may be disappointed to learn that Liberty Towers will be getting something more like a deli rather than a grocery store, according to the Life Vicarious. Paulus Hook doesn’t have much in the way of real grocery stores, not that other neighborhoods are much better off considering the underwhelming PathMark and Shoprite.

Shopping Carts Infest Downtown

Shopping carts from discount retailer BJ’s Wholesale Club have begun littering downtown Jersey City. Its not just bag ladies either; the carts are rumored to have appeared in the hallways of new luxury apartment towers. So far, neither BJ’s nor the city have done much in the way of cracking down on the abandoned carts. […]

Retail Happenings

Shoes are out and deli meats are in over on Jersey Avenue where Marow Deli has replaced the former Shoe Fetish. The best news is the deli promises 24-hour a day service, meaning another set of eyes watching the street. Sawa Steakhouse and Sushi bar is closer to opening in the corner of Gulls Cove […]

Aqua Tower to Double Retail

Newport’s Aqua tower which recently started getting its exterior cladding is set to amend its final design phase, according to the Jersey Journal. The tower was originally planned as having 16,000 square feet of retail but is bumping that to 34,610 feet. The total residential unit count is going from 358 to 355. The Aqua […]

Edible Arrangements Coming to Liberty Harbor North

Edible Arrangements, the flower bundles made from carved fruit, is coming to Liberty Harbor North’s Grand Street retail strip. Residents have been living in Liberty Harbor North for several months already, but retail so far is still in development. Along Grand Street, the base of the ‘brownstone’ units contain retail spaces that are finally now […]

Summer Retail Thriving Downtown

NewportMorton Williams opened yesterday in the base of the Shore Club in Newport. The high end grocery store is responsible for Newport rescinding the summer farmer’s market at the Pavonia PATH station. The waterfront location is the first in New Jersey for the New York chain of premium grocers. Kim’s Video in Newport is rumored […]

Internet Fuels Whole Foods Speculation

The original Whole Foods rumor was started shortly after Jersey City’s first two yuppies met each other. Years later, there’s still no Whole Foods, and the rumors keep swirling. One such rumors was started here, on April 1, 2006, posting alongside such headlines as “West Side Stadium Heads West: Hoboken Jets to Play 2008 Season” […]

Renovated Liquor Store Could Open Next Week

Willie’s Liquor, a neighborhood shop on Jersey Ave and Mercer Street closed a few months back. New owners Liberty Harbor Wine have renovated several store fronts adjacent to the old Willie’s liquor location more than tripling the size of the old store. Beer was in refrigeration units over the weekend and rumors have the store […]

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