213 Newark Avenue Named "The Saffron"

The Field’s Development project on Newark Avenue just west of Jersey Avenue is set to auction several units, according to the NY Times. The 76 unit low rise building, to be named The Saffron, will auction between 9 and 15 units to jump start traditional sales.

The Saffron sits on what had been an empty lot for several years. With several spaces for retail shops, the new construction could provide a big boon for the stretch of Newark Avenue. While the whole of Newark Avenue has been slower to enjoy the benefits of gentrification, most new restaurants and shops have been opened east of Jersey Avenue. The once empty lot where The Saffron now stands was a formidable obstacle to the western section’s redevelopment.

Recently, however, the mysterious Port-O Lounge began operating on weekends across the street from the new building. Once occupied, the Saffron may do well extending what is considered by many as the western border of the Newark Avenue retail strip.

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