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Metal Circles

Metal Circle sculpture at the Athena Tower in downtown Jersey City

A metal sculpture in front of the Athena tower on Washington Blvd in downtown Jersey City.

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Pappi Sculptures

Jersey City Street artist Pappi installs metal sculptures on sign postsStar, Newark Avenue at Second Street

Jersey City Street Artist "Pappi" builds sculptures out of metal and installs them around the city. His street art is an ephemeral form with the city of Jersey City often removing his projects.

Metal Figure, Newark Avenue

Spirals, Barrow Street

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A monument to Jersey City's longshoreman.Metal sculpture at Second and Hudson Streets

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Police Memorial

A memorial to the deceased members of the Jersey City Police department in the median of Montgomery Street, just east of City Hall along Marin Blvd.

A memorial to deceased Jersey City police officers

Jersey City Police Memorial on Montgomery Street at Marin Blvd.

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Oviedo Sculpture

The sculpture of the Oviedo Cathedral sits in the park in front of City Hall on Grove Street. The sculpture is a gift from the city of Oviedo, a sister city of Jersey City.

The Oviedo Cathedral sculpture in Jersey City

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Soldiers and Sailors Monument

A monument honoring the soldiers and sailors of the Civil war located in front of City Hall on Grove Street.

Jersey City Civil War memorial to Soldiers and Sailors in front of City Hall on Grove Street

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Dauntless Efforts

Dauntless Efforts is a sculpture by artist Matt Johnson in dedicated to the memory of the victims of 9/11 honoring construction workers working on the Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City who rushed to assist victims of the tragedy.

Pearl Street
North of Harborside Plaza 5

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Philippine Plaza

A memorial to Philippine-American Veterans
Second Street at Manila Avenue

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Morris Canal Monument

A monument to the Morris Canal, a major transportation hub in Jersey City a hundred years ago. The monument was installed by New Jersey Transit.

Hudson and Essex Streets

The Morris Canal monument in Jersey City, New Jersey

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World Trade Center Memorial

A memorial to the Jersey City residents lost in the World Trade Center disaster on September 11th.
Pearl Street

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Katyn Monument

A monument honoring the victims of the Katyn massacre.
Exchange Place at Montgomery Street

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Pavonia Arches

Located at the base of Newport Center I

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Korean War Memorial

Southern tip of Washington Street.

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