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Metropolis Towers

Two co-op apartment buildings located on a large gated plot of land just east of Grove Street, behind City Hall and the Grove Street PATH station. The towers originally had a small, low rise retail structure connecting the two buildings. This structure was recently removed for the installation of a parking garage. Plans have been approved for two additional towers along Columbus Blvd, and speculation exists that an additional two towers are planned for Montgomery Street. At present, the fences and long blocks surrounding the complex present a very pedestrian unfriendly environment.

The complex is a co-op, however, many units are owned by a single management company. The co-op had gone bankrupt in the last decade.

21 Stories
Completed 1965

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Montgomery Towers

An older tower in the heart of Jersey City. Southside views include the statue of liberty and historic brownstones will probably ensure views for years to come.
The north side overlooks the Metropolis Towers.

21 Stories
Completed 1965

135 Montgomery Street

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