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Seattle Coffee Roasters

525 Washington Blvd

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Pino's Pizza

Tiny pizzeria halfway down Newark Avenue.

225 Newark Avenue

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Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill

Typical chain restaurant serving up typical chain restaurant food.

286 Washington Street

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Manhattan Florist

363 Grove Street

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Green Cow

33 Hudson Street

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Dorrian's Bar and Restaurant

555 Washingtion Blvd

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Camilles Sidewalk Cafe

296 Washington Street

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Manischewitz Factory

Scheduled to become the site of several Toll Brothers residential towers.

Completed 1932
Scheduled to be renovated by Toll Brothers.

Late twentieth century addition, scheduled for demolishing 2008

Provost street, directly east of the 1932 warehouse, is one just a few cobblestone streets left in Jersey City:

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99 Montgomery Street

Contractor error lead to a leak in December 2006 that left $100,000 in damages.

7 Stories
Completed 2006, 2007

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Flamingo Bar

31 Montgomery Street

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Bagua Juice


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South City Grill

Seafood on the "Town Square" in Newport.

70 Pavonia Avenue

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Sushi and noddle lounge

31 Montgomery Street
Honshu Lounge

Honshu noddle lounge near Jersey City's Waterfront

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La Rustique

Small Pizzeria

84 1/2 Morris Street

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Cafe Spice

Indian Bistro; regional chain with locations in New York and Philadelphia.

545 Washintong Blvd.
Cafe Spice

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Asian Fusion located in the base of 101 Hudson Street, across from the Exchange Place light rail station.

101 Hudson Street
Nanking Resturants

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Contemporary Indian cuisine, take out menu. Lunch Buffet.

160 Greene Street
Amiya Restaurant

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Feed Your Soul

Cookie factory, gift baskets, ect.

520 Jersey Avenue

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Duck Duck Goose

Children's vintage store for the hipster under 10.

16 Erie Street
Duck, Duck Goose

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Friendly Cleaners

Wash and Fold, dry cleaning, repairs, alterations.

299 Grove Street

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Ricky's Video 2

Video rental.

285 Grove Street

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Jersey City Fire Department

Main building of the Jersey City Fire Department.

465 Luis Munoz Marin Blvd
For emergencies dial 911.

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Wachovia Bank

Located in the base of 101 Hudson Street on the Montgomery Street side, mid-block.

101 Hudsun Street

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Fat Burger

Upscale fast food joint specializing in burgers.

286 Washington Street

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Confucius Asian Bistro

Sit down Asian bistro in Newport

558 Washington Blvd

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Morris Canal Monument

A monument to the Morris Canal, a major transportation hub in Jersey City a hundred years ago. The monument was installed by New Jersey Transit.

Hudson and Essex Streets

The Morris Canal monument in Jersey City, New Jersey

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Washington Commons

Luxury apartments just outside of the powerhouse arts district, capitalizing on the hip factor of the PAD. Currently, the building has solid views, but approved towers across the street from the building will almost certainly obscure some of those views.

77 Units
12 Stories
311 Washington Street

Washington Commons

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Wonder Bagel

Not amazing bagels, but certainly passable. The usual sorts of toppings and spreads, large drink selection, small number of tables. Outdoor seating when the whether permits.

517 Jersey Avenue

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World Trade Center Memorial

A memorial to the Jersey City residents lost in the World Trade Center disaster on September 11th.
Pearl Street

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Morris Street Terrace

70 Morris Street
Rental, Paulus Hook

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The Pier

Low rise rentals jutting out in the middle of the Hudson River on a pier.

1 Harborside Place
Financial District, Rental

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The Park Hamilton

Originally a five story factory building, the Park Hamilton was converted in the mid-1980s to Condominiums, and an additional four floors were added.

9 Stories
205 Tenth Street
Originally Completed 1918 ?

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700 Grove

A mid-rise tower sitting on the Hoboken border bound by Observer Highway and the NJ Transit rail lines. 700 Grove is a Toll Brothers project.

230 Unit
12 Stories
Completed 2007

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Zephyr Lofts

The Zephyr lofts sit directly on the Hoboken border, just north of the NJ Transit rail yards.

102 Units
13 Stories
689 Marin Blvd

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Montgomery Greene

113 Unit
19 Stories
Completed 2007

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JC Sakura Sushi

Great sushi, poor atmosphere, no liquor license.

362 Grove Street

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The Sixth Street Embankment

Formerly an elevated railroad, the embankment is currently privately owned by a local developer. Community groups are actively working to convert the embankment into a park. Also divides the Hamilton Park and Harsimus Cove Historic Districts.

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Downtown Pharmacy

Located in the base of Liberty Towers across from the Light rail station.

52 Essex Street

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D.J. Garden


Has since become Grand Sichuan

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City Beans

160 Greene Street

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Town Square Park

A small park in the center of Newport bound by River Drive and Pavonia Avenue. This park is largely a glorified sidewalk, albeit with impressive views of lower Manhattan and Newport Harbor.

Town Square Park in Newport, Jersey City

Town Square Park at Pavonia Avenue in Newport Jersey City

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Hamilton Park

A large urban park located between Eighth and Ninth Streets. The Park would be bisected by Pavonia Avenue if the road were contiguous. There is no ball playing in the park.

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Gelato, located on the Town Square in Newport

1 River Drive

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Newark Avenue branch; pet supplies and boutique.

353 2nd Street


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Canisminor Pet Boutique

Pet Boutique, Grooming, Pet Bakery

31 Rive Drive
Canis Minor

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Brennan's Florist

Gifts and flowers

220 Newark Avenue

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Bertucci's Brick Oven Restaurant

Brick oven Italian cuisine.

560 Washington Blvd.

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Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain in downtown Jersey City

National chain cafe serving sandwiches, coffee, pastries; open weekdays only, catering to the business crowd. Closed on weekends.

101 Hudson Street

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Grove Florist

317 Grove Street

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Katyn Monument

A monument honoring the victims of the Katyn massacre.
Exchange Place at Montgomery Street

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Jersey City Museum

Featuring local artists and contemporary art.

350 Montgomery Street

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Shoe Fetish

CLOSED February 2008

514 Jersey Avenue

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Norman's Pharmacy

501 Jersey Avenue

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4 Fifty 5

Hotel Cocktail Bar

455 Washington Blvd

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Pavonia Arches

Located at the base of Newport Center I

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Korean War Memorial

Southern tip of Washington Street.

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Sussex Realty

A member of Prudential Realty.

297 Grove Street

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X-Press Cuts

Friendly men's and women's hair salon. Relatively inexpensive men's hair cuts. Usually opened in the evenings but with flexible hours.

291 Grove Street

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Downtown Wireless

Wireless and electronics store, sometimes they sell luggage.

310 Grove Street

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A1 Deli

Deli and grocery essentials, open 24 hours a day.

312 Grove Street

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PS 37 Cordero Community School

158 Erie Street

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Hamilton Park Pizza Cafe

357 Seventh Street

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Sidoroff Liquor

265 Eighth Street

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Ria's Cafe

Small cafe. Not well managed. Extensive selection of frittatas for brunch. Don't show up hungry because the food will take a while to show up on the table. Bring your own bottle. Perfectly fine place if you're willing to wait a while.

24 Mercer Street

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Dixon Mills

Formerly a pencil factory. Currently rentals, recently purchased to be convertd to condos.

Built 1847 to 1937
34 individual buildings
158 Wayne Street
Dixon Mills

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Avalon Cove

A gated community of low rise rentals literally on the Hudson River.

504 Units
444 Washington Boulevard
Completed 1998
Avalon Cove

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Yocasta Hair Salon

295 First Street

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Nail Tek

148 Newark Avenue

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Hamilton Park Ale House

Good food, not a bad place to drink either. Brunch menu until 4pm, pub food after.

708 Jersey Avenue

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Newport Pharmacy

226 Ninth Street

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Sanitation in Jersey City

Residential sanitation is provided by the Jersey city Incinerator Authority. The JCIA collects garbage and recycling material, sweeps streets, plows snow, and demolishes small buildings.

Trash Collection

Jersey City collects trash twice a week. Trash collection begins at 10 p.m., and residents are advised to not place trash on the street before 7 p.m. For trash collection on your street, visit JCIA Online

Recycling Program

Recyclable material is collected once a week. Paper products such as newspapers, paper bags, phone books and cardboard should be tied together or placed in a recycling container. Glass, metal, and recyclable plastics including milk cartons can be placed together. For more on specific materials, visit this page at JCIA Online.



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