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Monday, December 15, 2008

Newport Residents Fight Over Naming Rights

The long standing battle between Sonia Maldonado and Robert Vivien over the use of the name Newport Neighborhood Association continues, reports the Journal. Maldonado, the caustic personality behind, and Vivien, a local eccentric, have been fighting for over a year in what can best be described as a petty argument over the use of name for two irrelevant organizations. If it all wasn't so absurd, it wouldn't worth mentioning.



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Yeah, my grandma makes great maccaroni cheese on Friday!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert Vivien is going about creating a true neighborhood association in Newport, with an elected board, bylaws, regular meetings, and his organization has already held social events in his area.

Maldonado has been president of her "organization" for years uncounted, and has done none of these things, to my knowledge.

I laud Robert's efforts and feel sorry for Maldonado who attempts to stand in the way of bringing a true voice to Newport's residents.

Eric Fleming

11:02 PM  
OpenID bioffe said...

is this blog going to die soon ? No updates for 1 month :(

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