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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

City's Dirty Secret Tracked by Map Service

We probably are not the only ones thinking crime in the "safe" neighborhoods of Jersey City is on the rise with the spat of early summer muggings, car break ins, and recent rumors of late night gunshots. Well JerseyCityPortal has finally put together a useful service: a Crime Map that tracks incidents in and around the city. Oh, and just in case the downtown is too "safe" for you, JerseyCityPortal keeps track of shootings elsewhere in the city.



Blogger Mitchell said...

Ian, thanks for finding the time to post after over a month. You have a very interesting blog, but come on man...its a blog, you should post at least once a day...get some people to help you if you have to, but keep the posts coming...

3:54 PM  
Anonymous jcjuicy said...

Dude, this map has been around for a few months now. But if anyone can put pressure on the city, its developers, and maybe more publicity will encourage them to do something.

8:54 AM  

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