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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Connected Waterfront Park Plan Revealed

The dream of a single contiguous waterfront walkway is a little closer to fulfillment with an ambitious plan to connect Veteran's Park and the Morris Canal Park over the Morris Canal. The plan bi-passes a small stretch of land where developers did not construct the waterfront park.

Veteran's Park, pictured above, is home to the famous Colgate Clock and sits beside the Goldman Sachs tower. The Morris Canal Park is part of Liberty State Park and extends east into the Hudson River from Washington Street. These two parks would be connected by an ambitious plan created by the Jersey City Waterfront Parks Conservancy.

Goldman Sachs provided funds to the city to redevelop Veteran's Park. So far that park remains a pile of rubble and weeds. For the past several years residents have been working to rehabilitate the land and complete the section of waterfront walkway.

The Hudson Reporter has a bit more, and the park merited a mention on Curbed

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Manhattan" Style Deli

The south east corner retail space in Liberty Towers will eventually have a "Manhattan" style deli, as first noted in July. There will probably be some high end grocery items as well as prepared foods, like most Manhattan style delis. Of course, unlike New York delis, there will be no beer in the cold drinks section, since selling groceries and beer side by side is illegal in New Jersey.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Automata Chino Provides Music Venue

Automata Chino in downtown Jersey City

Automata Chino is a new music venue attached to the Iron Monkey in Paulus Hook. They seem to have a very full schedule of bands. They have a limited food menu, snacks mostly, and a more or less full bar. Hipsters will appreciate the Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Philly Pretzel Factory Opening Soon

Philly Pretzel Factory in downtown Jersey City

Add the Philly Pretzel Factory to the list of chain restaurants coming to downtown Jersey City. The pretzel factory is the second chain opening in the base of the Montgomery-Greene tower; Van Houtte Cafe also opened next door.

Van Houtte Cafe in downtown Jersey City

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Citiroots Home Decor Coming to Paulus Hook

Citiroots in the downtown Jersey City neighborhood of Paulus Hook

Paulus Hook will soon have a new home decor and accessories boutique on Washington Street. The Paulus Hook neighborhood is beginning to develop a critical mass of boutique stores; Citiroots will be next door to Betty's Bassinet, and just a few blocks away from LIFE Men's Store and Giggles N Barks.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Belfuse Breaks Ground

The Belfuse Site in May 2007

The site for The Belfuse is once again active after breaking ground in January 2007 and sitting idle for more than 18 months. The ground was covered with black plastic, venting, and piping, leading to speculation there was some form of remediation required before construction could continue.

The site was once home to the Bel Fuse company headquarters that relocated across the street two years ago. The Belfuse, or 198 Van Vorst Street, is a Fields Development Group project with 52 units. The building is architecturally similar to many low rise projects in Hoboken and the Paulus Hook neighborhood that mimic historic styles with a more modern twist.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trouble in Paradise Montgomery Greene

Montgomery-Greene, a recently completed condominium tower on the corner of, where else, Montgomery and Greene seems to be having some issues, or so claims one angry resident. has launched by a reported resident alleging serious problems with a leaky roof and the refusal by the tower's management to fix the problem.

Back in February, before the building had even opened, we noticed part of the facade was already crumbling -- evidenced here, so we wouldn't be surprised if the allegations are true. As was pointed out on JCList, new home buyers have some protections thanks to The State of New Jersey.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Paulus Hook Has Park Envy

Perhaps you missed all the commotion, petty feuds, and botched surveys surrounding Hamilton Park's renovation plans. If you did (or you didn't get enough), some nice folks in Paulus Hook have decided to anger their neighbors too, pitting dog owners against parents and athletes against gardeners by holding a survey to find out what sort of features people want (and want to hate) in their new uber waterfront park. Check out their survey online, which is sure to be a much better system then collecting physical votes from real people. Let the flame wars begin.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vikings Land In Jersey City

The Abora 3 project is attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a viking style reed ship to demonstrate the possibility that vikings could have showed up centuries before Columbus. One of the reed ships found itself on dry land this weekend in the marina next to Paulus Hook. So some fool is going to cross the Atlantic in this thing:

A viking ship made from reeds is constructed near the Morris Canal in downtown Jersey City

Next week, Leif Ericson Tower to be built on Leif Ericson Drive.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

11 Story Building Planned For York and Warren

Looking over the Historic Preservation Commission Agenda, it seems the current parking lot on York Street between Warren and Washington Street may soon have an 11 Story, 50 residential unit building rising on it. The lot at present, across from The Gotham, has a single building, circa 1953, which needs to first be razed. Included in the project would be 25 parking spaces and ground floor retail.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bits & Briefs

Hoboken University Medical Center
City taking over money losing operations at St. Mary's hospital, hoping for federal aid, arrival of McDreamy, McSteamy by becoming a teaching hospital.

City officials face challenges over clock, fate in city's hands, time running out
Goldman Sachs, Colgate and the City are fighting over the position of the historic clock and a million dollar payment owed to the city.

Victory Hall Defeated
The non-profit special events and arts venue loses its lease in the fall. The building, owned by Our Lady of Czestochowa Church is preparing to open a pre-school.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Views: Essex Street Light Rail

The light rail ambles down Essex Street in Jersey City.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

You Don't Have To Move To Brooklyn To Buy A $2M Brownstone

This Paulus Hook Brownstone is asking for a cool $2,000,000.

What you get:

"A 4-Family Brownstone built in 1860 and updated with the care and attention to detail by it's perfection obsessive owner. 5 original marble-mantle fireplaces. 5 marble baths with jacuzzis. A redwood deck so large, you could invite the office over for cocktails.(It also has a hot tub and Wolf Stainless grill system.) And a huge backyard that is all patio and all party." Oh, and an inferority complex comes free.

UPDATE: We think we've been had. The listing has dissappeared mysteriously in the night. We should have known Paulus Hook wasn't hip enough for a $2,000,000 price tag.

UPDATE UPDATE: They have gone and Reposted. Now we know they are just fucking with us.


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