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Pizza Alla Gargiulo

Pizza All Gargiulo in downtown Jersey City

101 Greene St

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La Rustique

La Rustique Pizzeria in downtown Jersey City

La Rustique offers high end brick oven pizza and a small Italian cafe menu. The thin crust pizza is fairly unique in the downtown, baked with sauce on top of the cheese. The Jersey Avenue store front offers cafe seating while take out service is offered from the kitchen on Fifth Street. This location replaces the Paulus Hook location.

611 Jersey Avenue

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Frank's Pizza

415 Monmouth Street

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Classic Italian flavor; BYOB

199 Warren Street

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Bon Appetito

345 Grove Street

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Pino's Pizza

Tiny pizzeria halfway down Newark Avenue.

225 Newark Avenue

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Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill

Typical chain restaurant serving up typical chain restaurant food.

286 Washington Street

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La Rustique

Small Pizzeria

84 1/2 Morris Street

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Bertucci's Brick Oven Restaurant

Brick oven Italian cuisine.

560 Washington Blvd.

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Hamilton Park Pizza Cafe

357 Seventh Street

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Stella's Pizza

Good pizza. Soft serve ice-cream. outdoor tables in the summer, though this is more a pizzeria than a sit down restaurant.

315 Grove Street

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Christo's Downtown Mini Mart and Pizza

Grocery, bodega, pizza.
301 Eight Street

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Helen's Pizza

Arguably one of the best pizzeria's in the downtown. Also run's Helen's icecream next door in the summer time. Delivery, take out, pizza by the slice.

183 Newark Avenue


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Esperanto's Pizza

Extra large slices of pizza have more in common with pizza served in Washington D.C. than New York. Take it for what it is.

500 Jersey Avenue

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Scent of Italy


345 Grove Street

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