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Golden Door Charter School

3 Stories
180 Ninth Street
The site of the former Betz Brewery.
Golden Door School

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Leo Cooke Warehouse

Historic warehouse on Warren and Bay streets.

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Schroeder Lofts

The Schroeder Lofts on the edge of Hamilton Park are a low rise building from Exeter Properties. The building includes a partially sub grade parking garage and a retail space on the corner of Tenth and Erie Street. Also available are photos of the Schroeder Lofts under construction.

58 Units
6 Stories
242 Tenth Street
Complete 2007

Schroeder Lofts in the Hamilton Park neighborhood in downtown Jersey City is a new low rise development from Exeter Properties.

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2 Montgomery Street

A low rise office building near the waterfront. 2 Montgomery Street recently received press attention when a Woodbridge, NJ based developer purchased the building for more than $50 Million. Sold along with its neighbor, 30 Montgomery Street for a combined $106 Million, a high rise mixed use complex is planned for the site.

2 Montgomery Street in downtown Jersey City was recently acquired for $50M in the hopes of redeveloping the property

2 Montgomery Street near Exchange Place in Jersey City may soon be reduced to rubble to make way for a newer, taller office complex

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140 Bay Street

Retail stores on the ground level in the Powerhouse district.

11,500 Square Feet Retail
59 Units

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100 Pavonia Avenue

A small office tower, part of the Newport development and home to the Newport rental offices. The building is adjacent to the Newport PATH Station.

6 Stories

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150 Bay Street

Part of the Powerhouse Arts District, 150 Bay Street offers artist live-work lofts.

Built 1914
93 Units

150 Bay Street

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Holland Garden

Section 8
241 16th Street

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Manischewitz Factory

Scheduled to become the site of several Toll Brothers residential towers.

Completed 1932
Scheduled to be renovated by Toll Brothers.

Late twentieth century addition, scheduled for demolishing 2008

Provost street, directly east of the 1932 warehouse, is one just a few cobblestone streets left in Jersey City:

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Morris Street Terrace

70 Morris Street
Rental, Paulus Hook

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The Pier

Low rise rentals jutting out in the middle of the Hudson River on a pier.

1 Harborside Place
Financial District, Rental

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Dixon Mills

Formerly a pencil factory. Currently rentals, recently purchased to be convertd to condos.

Built 1847 to 1937
34 individual buildings
158 Wayne Street
Dixon Mills

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Avalon Cove

A gated community of low rise rentals literally on the Hudson River.

504 Units
444 Washington Boulevard
Completed 1998
Avalon Cove

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Windsor at Liberty House

Typical of big builder apartment, the units seem more like a suburban style complex than one suited for the downtown area.

115 Morris Street

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Wells Fargo Lofts

Historic loft conversion along Pavonia Avenue two blocks west of Hamilton Park

299 Pavonia Avenue

Historic Wells Fargo Lofts along Pavonia Ave

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Pier House

Located on the very tip of Paulus Hook, Pier House overlooks the Morris Canal and marina. The southern units have views of Liberty State Park, though the complex is essentially in the shadow of the Portside Towers. The River Walk along the Hudson essentially begins here.

15 Warren Street
Pier House

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Liberty Point

Another development by Metro Homes that incorporates a modern sensibility on the historic neighborhood.

32 Units
Completed 2004
187 Warren Street

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Fulton's Landing

Built by Pulte Homes, Fulton's Landing sits alongside the light rail tracks on the western most edge of Paulus Hook.

6 Stories
140 Essex Street

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Built by Metro Homes, the building attempts to blend into the neighborhood, although this effect will be ruined with the completion of 77 Hudson Street, two towers rising about 50 stories across the street from the three story structure.

40 Units
Completed 2005
80 Greene Street

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Majestic Theater Condominiums

The Majestic Theater was once a grand palace located on Grove Street. After years of vacancy, local developers restored the historic structure as the entranceway to their condominium project along Montgomery Street. A second phase is planned for a plot of land across the street from current units. The new units are designed to blend in within the historic Van Vorst Park neighborhood.

45 Units
6 Stories
Built 1907
Restored 2003
Majestic Theater Condos

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Hudson Point

A modern full block housing complex designed to look like historic Brownstones with hidden garage beneath the structure. The building is located on a quiet street in Paulus Hook overlooking the marina.

6 Stories
131 Dudley Street

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Sugar House

A revitalized historic building recently converted to condominiums. The building was a warehouse for American Sugar Refining Company during much of the 19th century. After a period of vacancy spanning most of the twentieth century, the building was converted to residential use. The building overlooks the Morris Canal.

65 Units
1863 Completed
Renovated 2001
174 Washington Blvd

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Liberty Terrace

Low rise condos built at the foot of the Morris Canal overlooking New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. The Terrace matches the Liberty Towers built across the street, employing the same seafoam green windows and salmon colored brick.

128 Units
9 Stories
Completed 2006
25 Hudson Street

Liberty Terrace Condos

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The Roosevelt

The Roosevelt is essentially the bigger brother to the Lincoln just across the street. Developed by Lefrak, the Newport developer, and in essence could be considered part of the Presidential Plaza although the nearest Newport Tower is four blocks east. A grocery store and deli are located on the northwest corner of the building. The Holland is one block over, for better or for worse, and the elevated section of Eleventh Street borders the backside of the building. The design is fairly generic red brick, attempting to blend into the surrounding neighborhood, though not with very much effort.

133 Units
7 STories

180 Tenth Street

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Park Foundry

The Hamilton Park Foundry has been converted into a mixed use residential and retail space.

Completed 1895

242 Tenth Street
Park Foundry

The historic Park Foundry sits on the corner of Tenth and Jersey Ave

Brick entrance of the historic Park Foundry apartments

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Essex Commons

A low-rise structure nearly ready for move in across from the Liberty Towers and adjacent to the light rail line.

70 Units
7 Stories
Completed 2006

66 Essex Street

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