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Thomas J. Stewart Apartments

Originally built as a carpet storage and cleaning facility, remodeled in the 1980's as senior housing by the Jersey City Housing Authority. Located at the corner of Fifth and Erie Streets.

Built 1888
Expanded 1893
Designed by Herman Kreitler
Converted to Senior Housing 1981
88-92 Erie Street

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Tenth Street Embankment

Little remains of the Tenth Street embankment, a former elevated rail line. Two of the remaining sections are slated for development by the Lefrak organization, developers of the Newport section of Jersey City.


Lackawanna Warehouse

Currently known as the Hudson Industrial Center, the Lackawanna warehouse and viaduct was built and oeprated by the Lackawanna railroad, which connected Pennsylvania to New York City.

Built 1930
16th Street at Jersey Avenue

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The Sixth Street Embankment

Formerly an elevated railroad, the embankment is currently privately owned by a local developer. Community groups are actively working to convert the embankment into a park. Also divides the Hamilton Park and Harsimus Cove Historic Districts.

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Dixon Mills

Formerly a pencil factory. Currently rentals, recently purchased to be convertd to condos.

Built 1847 to 1937
34 individual buildings
158 Wayne Street
Dixon Mills

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Victory Hall

"The Neighborhood Cultural Center on the Waterfront."

186 Grand Street
Victory Hall

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Wells Fargo Lofts

Historic loft conversion along Pavonia Avenue two blocks west of Hamilton Park

299 Pavonia Avenue

Historic Wells Fargo Lofts along Pavonia Ave

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City Hall

City hall is located in the downtown block bordered by Montgomery, Marin, Mercer, and Grove Streets. A small park is located at the base of the building. The building was designed by Lewis Broome, an architect who also designed the Statehouse in Trenton after fire destroyed the original. City Hall was original adorned with cupolas but they were later removed for structural reasons.

Completed 1896

280 Grove Street

The Historic Jersey City City Hall

Jersey City City Clerk

Jersey City Office of the Mayor

Jersey City Municipal Council

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The Powerhouse was built in 1906 to power the railroads running in the Tubes connecting the Jersey City waterfront and Manhattan. The Tubes later became the PATH system, although the Powerhouse has been idle for more than a half century. In recent years, the powerhouse has developed a cult following and was the namesake to the now defunct Powerhouse Arts District. The district was designed to provide discounted housing for artists to encourage a lively arts community. The powerhouse is currently undergoing renovations, though a final plan has not been resolved. High rise development around the Powerhouse will almost certainly put further pressure on preservation efforts.

The Jersey City Powerhouse in downtown Jersey City

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Jersey City Post Office

69 Montgomery St

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Main Library

The Jersey City library system is an extensive network of branch and local libraries. The main library is located in the downtown neighborhood adjacent to Van Vorst Park.

Main Library
472 Jersey Ave
Jersey City Libraries

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Ellis Island

Ellis Island is located on the New Jersey side of the Hudson river and is connected to Libery State park by a small bridge.

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Colgate Clock

The Colgate Clock was built in 1924 by the Colgate-Palmolive Company on the tip of Paulus Hook in Jersey City, where the Morris Canal met the Hudson River. It is located on a small, undeveloped park at the corner of Hudson and Essex Streets, next to the Goldman Sachs Tower.

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Barrow Mansion

The Barrow Mansion is a historic Greek Revival building in the Van Vorst Park neighborhood of Jersey City.

Barrow Mansion
83 Wayne Street
Between Barrow and Jersey Avenue

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