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Aqua Tower in Newport in Jersey City

31 Stories
358 Units
Completed 2009

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Trump Plaza Jersey City

Trump Plaza tower 1 in downtown Jersey City

The condominium project will ultimately be a two tower building with a shared base housing parking. Only the first tower has been erected and half of the base. Trump Plaza licensed the Trump; the property is being developed by Metro Homes and designed by DeWitt Tishman.

Tower 1
Completed 2008
55 Stories
440 Units

23,000 square feet of retail
696 Parking Spaces

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50 Columbus

50 Columbus, luxury rental tower in downtown Jersey City

50 Columbus is the fraternal twin to New York City residential tower, the "Zebra Building" on the West Side. The two towers share a pedigree, architect Costas Kondylis. 50 Columbus differs from the zebra building in that the alternating black and white brick on the New York building are of varying widths.

The luxury rental tower is the first phase of a three tower project. Attached to the west side of the parking will eventually be a pair of 48 story towers as well.

400 Units
950 Parking Spaces
35 Stories
Completed 2007

For a complete set of construction photos, check out the classic photoblog.

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A Tower

A by the Athena Group, is a condominium tower on Second and Washington Streets in downtown Jersey City. Like many downtown towers, the residential units are built on top of a bulbous parking garage.

The tower sits on the edge of the Powerhouse Arts District, a neighborhood originally envisioned as a community of Artists. The red brick and square lines were meant to imitate the lines of the former warehouse district. Behind the tower sits a small park, constructed by the developer as required by the city.

250 Units
33 Stories
238 Parking spaces
10,500 Sqft Retail
Completed 2008
369 Washington Blvd
View Construction Photos

Athena's A condominium's in downtown Jersey City

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Grove Pointe

Grove Pointe is a mixed use residential structure on the corner of Grove Street, Newark Avenue, Columbus Drive and Marin Blvd. The main tower contains luxury rental apartments; the low rise portion contains condominiums; the ground floor has several retail spaces.

525 Units (67 Condo / 458 Rental)
29 Stories
Completed 2007
100 Columbus Drive (Rentals)
102 Columbus Drive (Condos)
20,000 Square feet retail
535 Parking spaces
Complete 2007

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Shore Club

The two tower condominium project in Newport is connected by a low rise base and has a shared parking garage. Five retail spaces are in the base of the building. The south tower was completed first with some work still left to do on the north tower. The Shore Club had spectacular views of the Hudson River and New York City for about 6 months before the 31 story Aqua tower rose immediately to the east of the Shore. Also available are past Shore Club Construction Photos

220 Units per Tower (Approximate)
28 Stories
54 River Drive
Completed 2007

The South Tower of the Shore Club in Newport, in downtown Jersey City, designed and built by the LeFrak organization.

the Shore Club in Newport, Jersey City

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Montgomery Greene

113 Unit
19 Stories
Completed 2007

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Newport Center Tower Five

Virtually identical to Newport Center Four, Tower Five is a darker color and sports the JP Morgan Chase logo on the facade. JP Morgan is also a major tenant at building six, just across Washington Blvd.

22 Stories
Completed 2002

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Paulus Hook Tower

Run by the PACO agency, a Puerto Rican outreach group, the Paulus Hook Tower is affordable housing for members of the Puerto Rican community.

100 Montgomery Street

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Atlantic Tower at Newport

446 Units
31 River Court

Newport Map

The Towers of America from the waterfront walkway at Second Street:

Towers of America, Newport, Jersey City, New Jersey

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South Hampton at Newport

Part of the America Towers phase of Newport located across the street from the Newport Gym.

414 Units
Completed 2000

Newport Map

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John Adams at Newport

One of two twin residential towers built in the Newport, part of the Presidential Towers complex.

300 Units
21 Stories
Completed 1987

45 River Drive South

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George Washington at Newport

One of two twin residential towers built in the Newport, part of the Presidential Towers complex, and one of the older residential buildings in the the Newport complex.

308 Units
21 Stories
Completed 1987

55 River Drive South

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Newport Center Tower Three

14 Stories
Completed 1999

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Newport Center Tower One

15 Stories
Complete 1988

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Metropolis Towers

Two co-op apartment buildings located on a large gated plot of land just east of Grove Street, behind City Hall and the Grove Street PATH station. The towers originally had a small, low rise retail structure connecting the two buildings. This structure was recently removed for the installation of a parking garage. Plans have been approved for two additional towers along Columbus Blvd, and speculation exists that an additional two towers are planned for Montgomery Street. At present, the fences and long blocks surrounding the complex present a very pedestrian unfriendly environment.

The complex is a co-op, however, many units are owned by a single management company. The co-op had gone bankrupt in the last decade.

21 Stories
Completed 1965

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Exchange Place Center

Held the record for tallest building in New Jersey for one year until the Newport Tower was built. The Exchange Place PATH station is located at the foot of the building. At the turn of the last century, the exchange place area of Jersey City was considered the main business district of Jersey City.

30 stories
Completed 1989

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Mandalay on the Hudson is a rather generic looking high rise condominium tower overlooking Newport to the north and the financial district to the south. To the east, stunning views of Manhattan are soon to be ruined with the construction of an office tower at the end of the Second Street. The building is block away from the Harborside Light Rail station, though quite a ways from the nearest PATH stations.

269 Units
25 Stories
20 Second Street


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Marbella Tower

For now, the tallest residential tower in New Jersey, soon to be surpassed by the Trump Towers and 77 Hudson Street, both currently under construction, or the proposed Metropolitan, not yet approved. Not only is Marbella a particularly tall structure, but as there are no other buildings sharing its block, and the building overlooks the metro plaza parking lot, the height is accentuated.

416 Units
40 Stories
Completed 2003

355 Washington Boulevard

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Liberty Towers

Two twins joined by a parking garage, the Liberty towers sit across the street from the Goldman Sachs tower on the corner of Hudson and Essex. Floor to ceiling glass and semi-circular design make this a fairly unique building.

648 Units
32 Stories
Completed 2003

33 Hudson Street

Liberty View Towers

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Newport Center Tower Four

Standard, boxy office typical of the Newport offices.

21 Stories
Completed 2001

Washington Boulevard

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Thomas Jefferson at Newport

The more southern and eastern of two twin buildings at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Newport Parkway, part of the Presidential Towers in Newport. The once uninterupted views of Manhattan are now being blocked by the under construction Shore Club at Newport.

These are two of the oldest residential towers in Newport and a rather iconic part of the skyline. Both are clearly visible from all approaches to the Holland tunnel, and so have come to define the skyline of Jersey City's waterfront.

453 Units
34 Stories
Completed 1988
30 Newport Parkway

Newport Map

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Newport Tower

The centerpiece to the Newport commercial district in the Newport development. Located between the main residential area and the Newport mall, and providing access to the Pavonia / Newport PATH station, the Newport tower is the hub the Lefrak's grand vision.

36 Stories
Completed 1991

525 Washington Boulevard

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