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Tender Shoot Farm

Tender Shoot Farm on Newark Avenue in downtown Jersey City

Typical grocery store, limited selection, produce. Replaced World Fruit Farm in June 2008.

138 Newark Avenue

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Europa Meat Market

Traditional butcher, cold cuts, sausages, homemade foods

527 Jersey Avenue

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New Khan Groceries and Halal Meat

Eastern spices, grocery.

337 Grove Street

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Paradise Deli and Grocer

Grocery and bodega

226 Newark Avenue

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Nature's House

159 Newark avenue

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Los Machachos Grocery

436 Monmouth Street

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Lee's Food Market

Second and Brunswick
117 Brunswick

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Lee Fish House

Local fish monger

Jersey Avenue between Newark and Columbus
523 Jersey Avenue

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Fresca Gourmet

Gourmet grocery in Newport

115 Pavonia Avenue

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Varick Deli & Grocery

108 Bright Street

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Green Cow

33 Hudson Street

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A1 Deli

Deli and grocery essentials, open 24 hours a day.

312 Grove Street

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Continental Fruit

General grocery store with fruits and vegetables, fancy cheese, flowers.

309 Grove Street

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World Fruit Farm


World Fruit Farm became Tender Shoot Farm in June 2008.

138 Newark Avenue

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Suburban style supermarket, recently remodeled. Pharmacy, bakery, deli, prepared foods, extensive cheese department. Decent international food selection, produce is good when its in stock.

125 Eighteenth Street

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Expired milk and warm refrigeration has gotten this store shut down by the health department in the past. New management has taken over and seems to be cleaning up the place, but has lead to labor disputes with unionized workers.

574 Jersey Avenue

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Subia's Market

Subia's Market on Jersey Avenue in downtown Jersey City

High end grocery, specializes in organic foods. Cafe serves coffee, prepared foods.

506 Jersey Avenue
Corner of Wayne and Jersey.

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grocery & bodega

Butcher shop in the back; the guy who works there is always cutting meat. Small selection of packaged grocery items, cold drinks in the back.

271 Grove (?)

Corner of Grove and Montgomery

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La Conga Grocery

352 Grove Street

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