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Hamilton Square

Hamilton Square is an innovative adaptive re-use and urban infill project. The property is multiphase project to rehabilitate the former St. Francis hospital. Part of the development included the restoration of Pavonia Avenue as a cobble stone pedestrian street, and the restoration of the sidewalk on the east side of Hamilton Park. The first phase includes three residential buildings with a retail base.

Completed 2008
125 Units
10 Stories
232 Pavonia Avenue
Hamilton Square

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Gulls Cove

Gulls Cove in downtown Jersey City

Gulls Cove is a two phase project being developed by Metro Homes within the Liberty Harbor North redevelopment zone. The project conforms to the areas master plan of providing mixed use buildings. The project was designed by Dean Marchetto & Associates. The building is located on Marin Blvd, immediately adjacent to the Marin Blvd Light Rail Station.

432 Units
Completed 2007
400 parking spaces
30,000 square feet of retail
16 Stories

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The Sutton

The Sutton in Liberty Harbor North in downtown Jersey City

The Sutton is an eight story condominium building, part of the larger Liberty Harbor North development.

8 Stories
Completed 2008

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Trump Plaza Jersey City

Trump Plaza tower 1 in downtown Jersey City

The condominium project will ultimately be a two tower building with a shared base housing parking. Only the first tower has been erected and half of the base. Trump Plaza licensed the Trump; the property is being developed by Metro Homes and designed by DeWitt Tishman.

Tower 1
Completed 2008
55 Stories
440 Units

23,000 square feet of retail
696 Parking Spaces

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A Tower

A by the Athena Group, is a condominium tower on Second and Washington Streets in downtown Jersey City. Like many downtown towers, the residential units are built on top of a bulbous parking garage.

The tower sits on the edge of the Powerhouse Arts District, a neighborhood originally envisioned as a community of Artists. The red brick and square lines were meant to imitate the lines of the former warehouse district. Behind the tower sits a small park, constructed by the developer as required by the city.

250 Units
33 Stories
238 Parking spaces
10,500 Sqft Retail
Completed 2008
369 Washington Blvd
View Construction Photos

Athena's A condominium's in downtown Jersey City

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Grove Pointe

Grove Pointe is a mixed use residential structure on the corner of Grove Street, Newark Avenue, Columbus Drive and Marin Blvd. The main tower contains luxury rental apartments; the low rise portion contains condominiums; the ground floor has several retail spaces.

525 Units (67 Condo / 458 Rental)
29 Stories
Completed 2007
100 Columbus Drive (Rentals)
102 Columbus Drive (Condos)
20,000 Square feet retail
535 Parking spaces
Complete 2007

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Schroeder Lofts

The Schroeder Lofts on the edge of Hamilton Park are a low rise building from Exeter Properties. The building includes a partially sub grade parking garage and a retail space on the corner of Tenth and Erie Street. Also available are photos of the Schroeder Lofts under construction.

58 Units
6 Stories
242 Tenth Street
Complete 2007

Schroeder Lofts in the Hamilton Park neighborhood in downtown Jersey City is a new low rise development from Exeter Properties.

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Shore Club

The two tower condominium project in Newport is connected by a low rise base and has a shared parking garage. Five retail spaces are in the base of the building. The south tower was completed first with some work still left to do on the north tower. The Shore Club had spectacular views of the Hudson River and New York City for about 6 months before the 31 story Aqua tower rose immediately to the east of the Shore. Also available are past Shore Club Construction Photos

220 Units per Tower (Approximate)
28 Stories
54 River Drive
Completed 2007

The South Tower of the Shore Club in Newport, in downtown Jersey City, designed and built by the LeFrak organization.

the Shore Club in Newport, Jersey City

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140 Bay Street

Retail stores on the ground level in the Powerhouse district.

11,500 Square Feet Retail
59 Units

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Washington Commons

Luxury apartments just outside of the powerhouse arts district, capitalizing on the hip factor of the PAD. Currently, the building has solid views, but approved towers across the street from the building will almost certainly obscure some of those views.

77 Units
12 Stories
311 Washington Street

Washington Commons

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The Park Hamilton

Originally a five story factory building, the Park Hamilton was converted in the mid-1980s to Condominiums, and an additional four floors were added.

9 Stories
205 Tenth Street
Originally Completed 1918 ?

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700 Grove

A mid-rise tower sitting on the Hoboken border bound by Observer Highway and the NJ Transit rail lines. 700 Grove is a Toll Brothers project.

230 Unit
12 Stories
Completed 2007

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Zephyr Lofts

The Zephyr lofts sit directly on the Hoboken border, just north of the NJ Transit rail yards.

102 Units
13 Stories
689 Marin Blvd

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Montgomery Greene

113 Unit
19 Stories
Completed 2007

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Morgan Lofts

A former industrial building converted to lofts in the early 1990's.

10 Stories
Built 1918
Renovated 1993

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Wells Fargo Lofts

Historic loft conversion along Pavonia Avenue two blocks west of Hamilton Park

299 Pavonia Avenue

Historic Wells Fargo Lofts along Pavonia Ave

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Pier House

Located on the very tip of Paulus Hook, Pier House overlooks the Morris Canal and marina. The southern units have views of Liberty State Park, though the complex is essentially in the shadow of the Portside Towers. The River Walk along the Hudson essentially begins here.

15 Warren Street
Pier House

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Liberty Point

Another development by Metro Homes that incorporates a modern sensibility on the historic neighborhood.

32 Units
Completed 2004
187 Warren Street

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Fulton's Landing

Built by Pulte Homes, Fulton's Landing sits alongside the light rail tracks on the western most edge of Paulus Hook.

6 Stories
140 Essex Street

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Majestic Theater Condominiums

The Majestic Theater was once a grand palace located on Grove Street. After years of vacancy, local developers restored the historic structure as the entranceway to their condominium project along Montgomery Street. A second phase is planned for a plot of land across the street from current units. The new units are designed to blend in within the historic Van Vorst Park neighborhood.

45 Units
6 Stories
Built 1907
Restored 2003
Majestic Theater Condos

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Morgan Lighthouse

40 Units
9 Stories
Completed 2004
143 Morgan Street

Whomever Sophia is, she is immortalized on the corner of a building.

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Sugar House

A revitalized historic building recently converted to condominiums. The building was a warehouse for American Sugar Refining Company during much of the 19th century. After a period of vacancy spanning most of the twentieth century, the building was converted to residential use. The building overlooks the Morris Canal.

65 Units
1863 Completed
Renovated 2001
174 Washington Blvd

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Mandalay on the Hudson is a rather generic looking high rise condominium tower overlooking Newport to the north and the financial district to the south. To the east, stunning views of Manhattan are soon to be ruined with the construction of an office tower at the end of the Second Street. The building is block away from the Harborside Light Rail station, though quite a ways from the nearest PATH stations.

269 Units
25 Stories
20 Second Street


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