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Ria's Cafe

Small cafe. Not well managed. Extensive selection of frittatas for brunch. Don't show up hungry because the food will take a while to show up on the table. Bring your own bottle. Perfectly fine place if you're willing to wait a while.

24 Mercer Street

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Hamilton Park Ale House

Good food, not a bad place to drink either. Brunch menu until 4pm, pub food after.

708 Jersey Avenue

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Isabel Cafe

227 Seventh Street

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Downtown Taqueria

No nonsense Mexican food. No Nachos, but they have brunch. The small restaurant is located in the basement level of the building and in nice weather, an outdoor patio provides additional seating.

Taco choices include Chorizo, lamb, steak, ground beef, fish, and cactus. The weekend brunch menu includes classics like huevos rancheros. Homemade flan is the best conclusion to any meal.

236 Grove Street

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Wine and cocktails, lunch, brunch, typical bistro / bar serving Paulus Hook. Right off Washington Street.

85 Morris Street
Triumph Bistro

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Lighthorse Tavern

Lunch, dinner, brunch, drinking. Raw bar. Private dining room.

199 Washington Street
Lighthorse Tavern

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Amelia's Bistro

187 Warren Street
Amelia's Bistro

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Madame Claudes

Delicious French style bistro food.

364 1/2 4th Street

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Marco and Pepe

Small bar, small tables, small bits of French style bistro food. Large tab. Otherwise quite good for eating while having a few drinks. Outdoor tables in the summer.

289 Grove Street
Marco & Pepe

Marco & Pep on Grove Street in Downtown Jersey City offers fine dining, weekend brunch, and outdoor seating in the summer time

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Beachwood Cafe

Beachwood Cafe in downtown Jersey City

Beachwood Cafe serves weekend brunch, desserts and coffee. Morning brunch fills up quickly for a mix of southwestern breakfast foods, fresh fruit, and of course, large cups of coffee. By late afternoon as business slows, the staff seems willing to accommodate folks looking to spend a few hours relaxing over a cup of coffee. Good cupcakes.

290 Grove St

Across the street from City Hall

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