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PATH Trains in Jersey City

The PATH Trains, formerly known as the Hudson Tubes, connect Jersey City and Hoboken with Midtown Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, and the City of Newark. East of Journal Square, the PATH system is a strictly subterranean network of tunnels. The trains are similar to New York’s subway drawing power from a third rail. Besides a rich history, the PATH system, operated by the Port Authority, is a convenient way to cross the Hudson River.

There are six terminuses in the system though only five usually operate at any given time. 33rd Street / Herald Square in mid-town, Hoboken, World Trade Center, Journal Square and Newark are all open during normal operating hours. In some cases, Exchange Place, which was upgraded to a terminus following the destruction of the World Trade Center, operates as a terminus when trains do not run to World Trade Center.

Tickets and Fares

The PATH uses a pay-per-ride system that is compatible with the MTA’s per-per-ride metro cards. The Port Authority turnstiles require cards to be inserted and removed before the turnstile will allow passengers to enter the system. The Port Authority also sells a Smart Card system; the card costs users $5, but is reusable. Single ride fares are $1.75 while the Smart Card offers a slight discount.

Routes and Service

The PATH connects Jersey City with Manhattan and Newark. During weekdays there are four main routes on two lines. Trains departing from the World Trade center terminate in Newark via Journal Square or in Hoboken via Pavonia-Newport. Trains departing from 33rd Street terminate in Hoboken or in Journal Square.

During the late night service, and weekend service while the World Trade Center is under construction, two routes operate. 33rd Street trains terminate in Journal Square via Hoboken and World Trade Center trains only terminate in Newark.

The Port Authority PATH System Map does a poor job of displaying connection information; the New York's Sixth Transit Overlay Map shows possible connections to subways, light rail, and heavy rail systems.


The PATH system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During rush hour, trains run every four to six minutes, and off peak hours, every eight to twelve minutes up to every twenty minutes. Late night service begins at 11 p.m. when trains begin running every thirty minutes until 5 a.m. Or visit the Official Schedule, but keep in mind the PATH keeps its own time.


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