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Enos Jones Park

Enos Jones Park is a complex of two baseball diamonds, a children's playground and roller rink. Additional green space with benches are provided.

Brunswick Street between Eighth and Ninth Streets.

Enos Jones Park in Jersey city

One of two baseball fields at Enos Jones Park in Jersey City

The skating rink at Enos Jones Park in Jersey City

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Dr. Michael Conti School

Public School 5
182 Merseles Street

Conti School

Dr. Michael Conti School in Jersey City, PS5

Public School 5 in Jersey City, New Jersey

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Mary Benson Park

Just of Newark Avenue, Mary Benson Park sits beneath the elevated portion of the Turnpike and provides a baseball diamond and basketball court.

Merseles Street between Third and Newark

Mary Benson Park in Jersey City

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Police Memorial

A memorial to the deceased members of the Jersey City Police department in the median of Montgomery Street, just east of City Hall along Marin Blvd.

A memorial to deceased Jersey City police officers

Jersey City Police Memorial on Montgomery Street at Marin Blvd.

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Oviedo Sculpture

The sculpture of the Oviedo Cathedral sits in the park in front of City Hall on Grove Street. The sculpture is a gift from the city of Oviedo, a sister city of Jersey City.

The Oviedo Cathedral sculpture in Jersey City

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Soldiers and Sailors Monument

A monument honoring the soldiers and sailors of the Civil war located in front of City Hall on Grove Street.

Jersey City Civil War memorial to Soldiers and Sailors in front of City Hall on Grove Street

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