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Monday, March 03, 2008

Ox Impresses NY Times, Us

The New York times ran a review of the Newark Avenue eatery that was nothing less than stellar. Ox opened last year on what is still a rather derelict section of Newark Avenue. The only thing we think the Times got wrong is the desserts. Ox's savory food can't be beat downtown, but for dessert, we recommend sticking to the liquid variety of sweet cocktails.

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Anonymous Downtown Lisa said...

As a long time resident of downtown JC, it absolutely enrages me when, folks who don't have a CLUE, denigrate our wonderful city! When a reviewer actually enjoys a mean (or anything else in town), they begin their critque with a sentence or two about the neighborhood which invariably says something like: "The still seedy neighborhood of downtown JC"; or:"The derelict section of JC"; or:"A neighborhood in the beginning of cleaning itself up"...There are SO many negative comments made and, as I said, they are usually by people who have deigned to come across the river for the sole purpose of eating/reviewing a restaurant and they have no knowledge of interest in Jersey City. For all of the money and projects in TRIBECA and SOHO and ALPHABET CITY and the WAREHOUSE DISTRICT, there are still pockets (some are MUCH larger than pockets!) of, what could be termed"sedy" or "derelict" but, for the purposes of discussing the eatery, these things are left out of the reviews. I wish that those checking out are fabulous nabe would take an interest and learn about our city. We have a vibrant, totally fabulous art community that, quite frankly, BEFORE all of te pots of money were being thrown around here, was better ten years ago. As wonderful as it is (and it is!), too many artists have had to leave our city (or at least downtown) because of the enormous change in prices (always a sign that the place has been "discovered" and, it may be time to move on so as not lose some of the "grit" and (for lack of a better word), the "real-ness" of a community. There is THE most amazing community here...It's the absolute best place I've ever lived and, having owned our home for 24 years, I can say this with certainty (since it's almost half my life!). These are the BEST folks in the world. This nabe isn't any more seedy than a good portion of lower Manhattan (how quickly people forget!). Additionally, there is SO much money here now and SO many new projects. We've watched this vibrant community thrive and blossom and, finally, prosper. I strongly suggest, no, I urge, that you use reviewers who are either very familiar with what goes on here and/or use people who are willing (and able!) to LEARN. We want to read reviews where the opening sentences (and all of the subsequent ones as well!) aren't severe critiques of our "derelict" neighborhood. I'd be MORE than happy to educate anyone who wants to see, and understand, our city for what it is. I look forward to hearing from anyone(s) willing to do just that!

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