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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dogshit Appears in Van Vorst Park

This isn't the scoopable kind either. Someone has taken to writing "Dogshit" on most of Van Vorst Park's benches. While this sort of vandalism is a rather minor indiscretion, there are definitely better avenues for civil disobedience than messing with park benches. We'll recommend anyone with knowledge of this let the authorities know. And if you're the responsible vandal, we suggest switching to a new canvas, like the Fox News advertisements plastered on the PATH. Not that we're advocating that sort of thing, but we're just saying "dogshit" has more of place there than on park benches.

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Blogger parkman said...

$500 reward for the identity of the VVP “Dog Shit” scribbler.

I am willing to pay $500 for the identity of the person who has repeatedly scribbled the words “Dog Shit” on all 26 benches in Van Vorst Park.

I was finally able to locate and use a chemical that removed the inconsiderate, offensive, infantile, and difficult to eliminate penmanship. Now that the original writings have been removed, he is starting over.

Take a picture or video of this person or call me if you see him in action at 201 433-6553. I can’t tell you how much I want to meet this animal.

Friends of Van Vorst Park

4:07 PM  

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