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Friday, December 01, 2006

Majestic II

Exeter Properties, the developers of The Majestic Theater Condominiums have recently received approval for a sequel project across the street. Exeter is responsible for the renovation of the historic Majestic Theater, directly across Grove Street from City Hall, and subsequent addition of a number of apartments along Montgomery Street, as seen below.

Majestic Theater Condos

Yet, on the southeast corner of the same block will rise Majestic II, replacing a parking lot, a vacant carpet store and an old church along York Street.

Below, the southeast corner of Grove and Montgomery. In the background rises Gulls Cove I.

Looking North along Grove Street, City Hall sits in the background.

Looking East along Montgomery Street; the Majestic II will incorporate the existing Brownstones to keep the development contextual with the existing streetscape.

Finally, looking east along York Street, the southern corner of the development.

JCVibe, as usual, has excellent coverageon the building plans and site drawings.



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