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Monday, December 04, 2006

Jersey City: NEW, Cool

New York Magazine has a bit about how cool we are. Since its New York Magazine and not New Jersey Magazine, we'll basically take this as confirmation that we were totally right when decided not to call this blog New Jersey's First, but instead New York's Sixth. Meanwhile, we'll use this opportunity to point out NEW magazine, a new publication about how cool Jersey City has become. If JC is cool, than the people here are probably hip, making them hipsters, which really means the end is near, or that we've actually finally arrived. Take your pick.



Blogger neuegirl said...

Hi there, my name is Amanda - I publish the NEW Guide. I appreciate your intro. and your mentioning the NEW guide/site. For the record: I have been a New York's Sixth reader since I moved to JC a few years back. (In fact, I mentioned NY6th to the editor of NYMag during our interview).
I just have one comment in regards to the NYMag article - as I felt that there was a point not driven home from our comments: Jersey City is not where you move to be hip. However, if you do live here or are moving here there is opportunity to contribute to the community in a positive and often times creative way.
My guess is that by not caring to be hip we've somehow become it - whether we collectively like it or not.

12:56 AM  

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