Lucky 7, Basic Cafe Star in NBC Drama

Tonight is the premiere of NBC’s Mercy, a hospital drama set in a fictional Jersey City hospital. Although the hospital interiors of the show are shot in a vacant Paterson hospital, many scenes from the pilot have been shot in and around downtown Jersey City.

The drama focuses on three nurses. The show opens with Iraq veteran nurse Veronica enjoying a cup of coffee in local cafe, Basic, on the corner of Eighth and Erie. And as happens all too often at Erie Street, two cars slam into each other at the corner, just outside the cafe.

Another familiar spot is Lucky 7, a bar on Second and Coles. The three nurses have a scene sitting on the balcony of the local nightspot; the balcony is not normally open to patrons.

Mercy airs tonight at 8 on NBC.

Basic cafe, where the audience is introduced to Veronica

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