Mystery Marin Blvd Tower

The architects DeWitt Tishman reveal an image of mysterious Marin Blvd Tower. The 28 story, 220 unit tower with 3,600 square feet of retail is probably too short to be one of the proposed Toll Brothers Towers. Toll wants to build 30, 35, and 40 story towers on property abutting Marin Blvd in the Powerhouse District.

The mystery tower is more likely a lot bound by Morgan and Bay Streets, on the west side of Marin Blvd and owned by Exeter Property. The lot, currently an outdoor parking area, is listed on the city’s downtown Development map as having 221 units and 8,600 square feet of retail. DeWitt Tishman is responsible for towers like Grove Pointe and the Jersey City Trump Plaza.

Several readers have pointed out the Jersey City Fire House in the background, which would place the tower on the north west corner of Sixth and Marin. This makes sense, with the small gray block on the far left of the image being the tip of the embankment edge. Google Maps shows this nicely. That revelation only adds to the mystery.

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