Election Returns Beginning at 8PM

Hudson County is one of the more advanced counties when it comes to providing ordinary citizens with election night results. The Clerk’s Website provides fairly up to date election returns as the data comes in. No doubt Hudson County’s electronic voting machines help. In the past, the clerk’s website begins showing some returns shortly after polls close at 8PM.

Chances are that Hudson County will be voting heavily for Obama and the Democratic slate. The real question of interest however, is how high will the percentage of voter turnout be. Anecdotal evidence suggests record breaking turn out this year. Hudson County reports 351,491 registered voters, and the Clerk’s website will offer a total voter turnout number, absentee turnout, and most importantly, provisional ballots cast.

Provisional ballots could make returns a long night. Voters who are turned away from the normal polling booths can request a provisional ballot which is cast, and tallied later. If the provisional ballots cast are greater than the margin of victory, then the provisional ballots will need to be counted. First however, each provisional ballot must be determined as having been cast by a legitimate voter.

Either way, stay tuned to the Hudson County Clerk’s Live Election Coverage.

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