Long Lines, Confusion Expected at Polling Places

Record voter turnout is expected to cause long lines at polling places across the country. Confusion for first time voters may add to problems. The division of elections should have sent sample ballots with poll locations to residents; some people have not yet received their sample ballots.

Luckily, New Jersey residents can locate their polling place on the state Division of Elections website (Note that numbered streets downtown require numerals; do not spell out the street name. For example, enter “1st Street”, not “First Street”).

Meanwhile, several Jersey City voting wards in the downtown change locations last year. Parts of Hamilton Park and Newport residents have the opportunity to vote in the Holland Garden housing projects; some might argue this was a political stunt to benefit the machine (we’re looking at you, Mr. Mayor).

Any voter denied the right to vote can insist on receiving a provisional ballot.

A commenter pointed out that the Metropolis Towers polling place still lists a Henderson Street address, which no long exists.

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