Grove Street Development Needs Zoning Change

South Grove, a proposed development spanning Grove Street between York and Montgomery Streets, apparently needs a zoning change. Curbed notes their rather interesting marketing tactic. A sign has gone up asking what residents would prefer on the site, including such horrendous options as a drive through taco bell. The proposal, originally known as Majestic II, is several years old, with some renderings at JC Vibe.

In December of 2007, the site was cleared of the old carpet store (pictured below), during a rather dramatic demolition. But since then the lot has served as a surface parking lot offering validated parking for a restaurant in the Exeter built Majestic, across the street.

Exeter Properties recently completed the Schroeder Lofts, a few blocks north in the Hamilton Park neighborhood, and currently are working on the rehabilitation of the old St. Francis Hospital being marketed as Hamilton Square.

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