You Don’t Have To Move To Brooklyn To Buy A $2M Brownstone

This Paulus Hook Brownstone is asking for a cool $2,000,000.

What you get:

“A 4-Family Brownstone built in 1860 and updated with the care and attention to detail by it’s perfection obsessive owner. 5 original marble-mantle fireplaces. 5 marble baths with jacuzzis. A redwood deck so large, you could invite the office over for cocktails.(It also has a hot tub and Wolf Stainless grill system.) And a huge backyard that is all patio and all party.” Oh, and an inferority complex comes free.

UPDATE: We think we’ve been had. The listing has dissappeared mysteriously in the night. We should have known Paulus Hook wasn’t hip enough for a $2,000,000 price tag.

UPDATE UPDATE: They have gone and Reposted. Now we know they are just fucking with us.

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