272 Newark Avenue

From Third Street, the two faces of this building are evident: a modern glass and metal facade on the right and the faux historical addition to the adjacent building. The fourth floor of the brick building is entirely new. The proportions seem strange, as though missing a set of windows, and also on the Newark […]

272 Newark Avenue

Newark and Third

272 Newark Avenue Taking Shape

From Newark Avenue. From Third Street.

272 Newark Avenue

272 Newark Avenue is now up to three stories. There are probably another two to go. Looking east down Newark Avenue From Third Street looking onto the back of the building. IMG SRC=”http://newyorkssixth.com/photos/20090310/20090310272nwk5.jpg”>

274 Newark Avenue

274 Newark Avenue spans block to Third Street; above, the construction site as seen from Third Street. The building seems to be providing a tumor addition to the building adjacent to it as well. Previously

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